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BRose Moisturizing Mist

BRose Moisturizing Mist

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Introducing the ultimate solution for luscious, vibrant hair: The Rose Moisturizing Mist.( 4oz ) .This luxurious mist is the perfect addition to your hair care routine, providing a multitude of benefits that will leave your hair looking and feeling its best.

This powerful formula also helps to hydrate and moisturize your hair, preventing breakage and split ends. Whether you have dry, damaged hair or simply want to maintain a healthy, shiny mane, the Rose  Moisturizing Mist is the perfect choice. 


Aqua (Water), Rose Water Hydrosol, Glycerin, MSM Powder (completely safe and helps condition and soften hair), Fragrance Oil, Natural Preservatives

How it works

1. Apply to dry, wet/damp OR freshly washed hair.

2. Apply Mist to section of hair.

3. Massage Mist into hair.





This product should be included in a consistent hair regimen to see results. One product alone Will Not lead to hair growth. A routine consisting of the right products, the right methods, and the right schedule is the Only way to promote hair growth. Also, please note that hair growth takes time. Patience and consistency are necessary to see results!


 Included in the 4CFlyy Bundle Set

 Massage into sectioned hair as your Liquid, OilCream (LOC) application.

 This product is recommended for naturally kinky/curly hair.


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