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Twist 4CFlyy Bundle

Twist 4CFlyy Bundle

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Say goodbye to dry, lackluster curls and hello to juicy, defined locks with the Twist Flyy Bundle. This powerful duo includes a hydrating oil and nourishing cream to lock in moisture and define your natural curls. Perfect for all curl types, this bundle is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve stunning healthy hair.

Included in the Twist 4CFlyy Bundle Set

  • Rose Infused Oil Blend (4oz)
  • Hair Moisturizing Cream (8oz)




This product should be included in a consistent hair regimen to see results. One product alone Will Not lead to hair growth. A routine consisting of the right products, the right methods, and the right schedule is the Only way to promote hair growth. Also, please note that hair growth takes time. Patience and consistency are necessary to see results!

These products are recommended for naturally kinky/curly hair.

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